Pastor Michael D. Withem was born on March 28, 1952, in Ashdown, AR. He was born again as a junior in high school in Shreveport, LA. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary in Henderson, TX. Upon his graduation, he became pastor of the East Post Oak Baptist Church near Paris, TX. About two years later, in January of 1976, he moved to Jefferson County, WV, and founded the First Baptist Church of Ranson. Since that time, the church has grown under his leadership into a strong New Testament church. Pastor Withem and his wife, Naysa, have two children, as well as two grandchildren.

If you would like to contact our pastor, you may do so at the following address or telephone numbers:

25 Wellington Court
Charles Town, WV 25414

(304) 725-8078 (Church)
(304) 725-3288 (Home)
(304) 433-0345 (Cell) (Email)

Youth Pastor Ryan Cawley was born on November 23,1979 in Johnson City, New York. He was saved at the age of seven in his home. At the age of 13, he and his family moved to Rochester, Minnesota and attended Victory Baptist Church. While attending Victory Christian Academy, he began dating his future wife, Liz. After graduation, he furthered his education at Pensacola Christian College from ’99-’02 and completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth Ministry with a Speech emphasis. Pastor Cawley’s first ministry was working in High Point, North Carolina with Tabernacle Baptist Church. He was Director of Youth Ministries for the following year and a half. He now resides in Charles Town, WV and is the youth pastor here at First Baptist Church of Ranson. In his spare time, Pastor Cawley enjoys sports, drawing, and shopping with his wife (Well, actually, he hates shopping. He just loves spending time with his wife.)

If you would like to contact our youth pastor, you may do so at the following address or telephone numbers:

37 Webb Court
Martinsburg, WV 25405

(304) 725-8078 (Church)
(304) 886-6192 (Cell) (Email)